Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Bucket is Running Over! Good or Bad Thing?

How is your bucket today?  Mine is overflowing with so many ideas, thoughts and dreams. This is a wonderful thing however this is a challenge for me. I realize that it is important as teachers/parents/curriculum leaders to take time to prioritize. 

When I jumped into the world of technology, I was scared and very hesitant; however, I now have those feelings under control.  What has been interesting to me are my shifts in my professional  learning.  Before iPods in my classroom, I  always kept up with Bill and Karen at Literate Lives, Andrea at Our Learning Community, Mandy at Enjoy and Embrace Learning with their book recommendations and wonderful website reviews with connections to their class.  Oh don't get me wrong, I still continue my own reader's notebook with all the amazing titles, but I just haven't "created" as much  time except for the exciting Newbery race that we just completed.  Which brings me to my bucket........

Learning looks different this year!
As a teacher, I am thrilled that I have integrated technology into my classroom.  I personally believe this is my goal to help my students prepare for the 21st Century.  My lesson plans have changed substantially this year because of the integration of technology.  I spend my time searching for websites, videos, audio books etc. to support my units.  I am reading but reading differently especially on twitter although I am not tweeting very much I am following all the latest conversations. I follow technology blogs and updates from iTunes regularly again I am reading but it is different. I have made connections with many different people all over the country, and my learning has expanded beyond my school district. This has been a unexpected present to me. Actually I am planning on doing skype with a 5th grade class in Iowa in March :) Their teacher found my blog and  contacted me.  I get excited when my followers increase and someone leaves me a comment.  So I may not be reading as many chapter books, but there are still awesome endings to my stories.

PS:  Thanks to Bill in our library he does an amazing job for keeping my students up to date on all the new books-THANKS Bill I need that support right now!


  1. Your bucket inspires me every time I check in here to see what new things you're doing with technology! If I ever get a class set of iPods, you have certainly jump-started the ways in which I'll use them in my classroom!

  2. Thanks Mary Lee I take that as a high compliment!

  3. A good thing! I am just dipping my toes into digital storytelling, and have been inspired to begin my own version of Wonderopolis. I love the idea of Skyping with another classroom somewhere in the world and connecting our kids to a larger learning community. Good for you, Maria!

  4. Thanks Tara I am glad that I have helped you with some ideas-my best advice for digital story telling is go slowly and allow the students time to explore-they are really smart with technology.