Friday, September 29, 2017


In math there are always "firsts"  We explored exponents with the power of 10s.  After the opening mini lesson and some practice on dry erase boards, they went off to work with their partners.  You could see the smiles on their faces. The felt like they were doing BIG math.  The next morning as I stood at the door greeting my class as well as most of the fourth graders, J. stopped and told me he had a great evening. His older brother was doing math HW, and he was able to help him with exponents with a huge smile on his face.

$345.20 was spent on their family vacation.  There are four members in the family.  How much money did each person spend?  Long division has not been introduced.  Division is the process of dividing large amounts into groups. 
  • "I can't do this."
  • Mrs. Caplin, "You can't divide money into parts."
  • "Didn't you know that money can't be divided?"
  • "This is one really rich task, Mrs. Caplin."
  • "Really on a Friday, you're pushing my brain."
Math talk and conversations continue to be the focus of workshop.  Perseverance is the power word in our math class.  I am not the keeper of the answers, and they are still learning what that means.  After three different groups of  mathematicians circled around the table, and they opened the bank. Math got a little bit easier. Collaboration and conversations were flowing, and they all finally had the answer. 

Friday morning I walked into my school through our morning latch key program. There are at least 30 K-5 students there.  As I was walking, Maria came up to me and said, "My uncle died yesterday."  I stopped, knelt down to her level and said, "I'm sorry."  And Maria continued to tell me everything she needed me know.  The special part of this story is that my name is Maria and two years ago in kindergarten Maria saw my name tag and said that's my name.  We've been connected ever since I see her almost everyday, and we always exchange a smile. Today she needed me, and we needed each other..

Thanks Ruth for encouraging me to Celebrate.  It was a great week, and  I am thankful. It's going to be a fun weekend.  Celebrating my birthday by going to a Bob Seger concert. This will be the highlight of my Saturday evening listening to this song :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Celebrating: Status of the Class

Celebrations are crucial. Some days I search for a celebration; however most days celebrations come knocking at my door.  We are off to a great start in Room 234. 

Choosing to spend the first four weeks discussing and creating our new community. 

Conversations about how we will talk with each other especially when we don't agree (which happens in math quite often).  

Allowing time for everyone to learn about their life as a reader and lots of time searching the classroom library. Yet to be organized except by the color of the spines of the books which makes me so happy. Because it is their library. 

Celebrating that my learners know that I am a reader, and I will be checking weekly with them on how they are progressing.  

One of my biggest celebration was on Thursday - Weekly Status of the Class. At this time of year, status takes forever or at least it feels that way.  I have to admit every Thursday morning I selftalk myself knowing that this time is well spent.  There are two parts to Status of the Class.

  • Every reader shares aloud their current JR book and what page they are currently reading.  This is powerful because all 25 readers here a title, make connections and typically ends in at least one book talk. This process takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Second, I meet with every reader, one on one, short conference about their JR book.  They track their reading in BoB (Book of Books) and I ask them about their goals and to share their evidence.  This takes at least 30 minutes. I value this time because I am making connections, I'm able to ask hard questions if I need too. Finally I am sending the message that we all will value reading and every Thursday is a set time for this celebration.
Fast forward to lunch and I am getting ready to go to duty. I find a sticky note hidden under my keyboard just peaking out for me to see.  In  our class, on the first day, I tell them that space is my mailbox if you need to tell me something or we need to talk leave me a note. 

Mrs. Caplin, Thank you for status today.  I have always liked reading, I don't like goals. Last year's teacher had us set goals but never met with me alone.  Now I know the importance of goals.  Thank you :)

 Thanks Ruth for encouraging us to celebrate and encouraging us to join in a community of Saturday Celebrations. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Celebrating: Lifelong Readers

 I am celebrating an amazing group of learners that I get to spend everyday with in our classroom.  

I am celebrating finally wrapping my head around homework vs. home learning.  And loving my decision and where I finally ended up in this controversy. So many conversations, voxer and blog posts.  Thanks to my PLN in helping me.

I am celebrating several students who are choosing to do home learning (enrichment activities) and sharing their learning with the class the next day.

I am celebrating past learners who are in middle school and sending me photos and returning books to me when they come back to visit.  

I am celebrating with my Saturday colleagues who post every Saturday.  I have been reading your posts and celebrating with you although I've been absent.  Thanks Ruth for encouraging us to Celebrate