Saturday, November 18, 2017

Celebrating The Story of Our Cross

Our daughter was married last Friday in Charleston, South Carolina on Johns Island.  She moved to SC immediately after graduating from Bowling Green State University. Her home is in SC, but I believe her heart is still at our home, 22 acres of country living. She asked her dad, Tom, 6 months ago if he could build her a cross for their wedding. My husband replied, "Yes," and he found the perfect walnut tree on our property.  My husband and son cut down the tree and placed in our barn to dry. 6 weeks prior to the wedding he took the tree to a mill in the small town next to where we live to get the bark trimmed "rough sawn" which was a new term for me.  When the gentlemen asked my husband what he was going to make out of the walnut tree, my husband replied, "A cross for my daughter's wedding."  The gentleman replied, " I don't charge for crosses. I hope you have a beautiful wedding."

Our friend, who is a master craftsman, offered to help my husband build the cross.  One of the biggest decisions was how big to build the cross since we had to transport it to SC in our truck. The decision was made 9 feet which make me nervous, but I trusted the two experts. After several meetings, Tom went to pick up the cross and again he heard,  " I don't charge for crosses. I hope you have a beautiful wedding."

It was a beautiful wedding, and as I sat in the front row with my husband watching our little girl walk down the aisle. I knew in my heart that the cross held our true story of love and family.  Marriage is a full circle moment for parents. Knowing that our daughter married her best friend with our cross watching over them, this will always be a lifetime celebration.
Four hours before the wedding. Anna sees her cross that came from Ohio
It's a celebration for me as I reflect on my memories only a week ago.  I always appreciate the posts when Ruth shares her intimate family stories.  I am honored to share our recent family story today on #celebratelu.