Wednesday, June 1, 2011

48 Hour Book Challenge

 I have been asked to join the Central Ohio kidlit bloggers for breakfast Saturday morning to kickoff the Mother Reader's 48 Hour Book Challenge which starts this weekend, so I needed to gather my books. One of the hardest parts of the school year for me is having to choose what to read..........this year my focus has been on technology including blogs and twitter.  I know that is still reading but it isn't siting down and reading the newest and greatest books which I still love to do.  So on my first day of vacation, I went to the best little library around which is in my small town of Ostrander.  As I walked in with my reader's notebook, the librarian Brenda, said hello and welcome back!  I had kept a list of books to read including the following titles:

*Six Sheet Sip Thick Shakes
 *I am the Book
 *Energy Island
 *How Did that Get in my Lunchbox?

If you have not heard, at most local libraries, if they don't have a book you would like to read there is a program called:  Search Ohio and that allows all participating libraries to share their books.  It is an amazing program because my library is smaller than most large cities, but I still can get almost any book that I request.  It's fun to see where my books come from:  Cleveland, Cincinnati etc.  Here is a picture of the new books that I found today- I can't wait to begin reading them this weekend.

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