Friday, June 17, 2011

Wonderopolis in NYC

Have you ever had to keep a secret that was so exciting that you thought you might burst at the seams? Well I have had to keep a few secrets about Wonderopolis but now the word is out, and I can share their WONDERful news. I was invited to their national media release breakfast to celebrate Wonderopolis.  It was an amazing 24 hours in New York City, and I can't even begin to tell you about all the excitement.  I was honored to be interviewed by Jenna Bush Hager. She asked me several questions about how I incorporated Wonderopolis into my classroom this year. I loved talking about my amazing students and how we wondered daily. After the breakfast, I had the opportunity to talk to the media including People Magazine, Parents Magazine, and Family Circle.  I also enjoyed talking to members of Thinkfinity which provides free educational resources to teachers, parents and students as well as offering a comprehensive professional-development program for teachers on line. As I reflect, I am very thankful to Sharon, Emily and Laura from NCFL for inviting me to this event. It was one of those moments that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. I look forward to the next BIG announcement from Wonderopolis.......keep checking back-it's going to be lots of fun!!  Here is their teaser from twitter:

We're just a few days away from announcing our SUPER SPECIAL SUMMER SURPRISE! Hint: Think of summer adventures past, present and future! :-)  Wish I could tell you more, but it is another secret!


  1. Mrs. Caplin, Congratulations on going to NYC!!! I hope you had an awesome time! I can't wait to her your next secret!!!

    Brooke DiPaolo

  2. Thanks Brooke- it was a really fun experience but the best part was sharing about our class! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yay for you, my friend. I know how excited you were. I am glad it was everything you anticipated and more.