Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Slice of Life 2014 OLW: Choice

2014 is coming closed. I have always tried to make positive choices: my OLW for this year. I always thought that choices typically lead to a positive result, but as I reflect on this past year my thinking has shifted.  Choices this year has been about protecting my family and myself. The interesting part of this journey for me is that I learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined.  Life wasn't always about teaching, being connected to social media, reading, or writing; actually I have logged more time watching television this year probably more than the past 10 years combined. And that was a choice. Interesting one that I never thought I would have made. I haven't read a complete book since school started nor have I written too many blog posts or any articles for CL. Although this felt different, I know that I have made the correct choices for me as well as my family. One important lesson I learned is that I am thankful when I have a choice to be made. I use to take those opportunities for granted.  I learned choices do make a difference especially when I am asked to walk an unfamiliar path.  Life is about choices and as 2014 comes to a close I would not have made any different choices, and I feel very blessed to have walked this path.  I am still pondering my 2015 OLW, but I know I will deciding quickly. After all New Year's Eve is just around the corner. Thank you for the support of the Slice of Life community.  Here is the link for this week’s posts.

Our little piece of heaven. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Saturday Celebration: Mixture of Everything

This week was challenging. Starting with a sick day last Friday and a long extended weekend of lying on the couch. I have learned when bronchitis comes pounding on my chest I need to stop and take care of myself.  Little celebrations are huge for me. I am thankful for a one night all inclusive Christmas shopping trip with my husband.  He picked me up after school, and we completed our entire list by 7:30 including dinner. For those who know me the last time I was at the mall, well I can’t remember and that is fine. This trip did not involve the mall so we were successful. Wednesday night was our fifth grade annual holiday concert.  There is nothing I love more than fifth graders singing, dancing and being a kid. Our music teacher involves every student who wants to participate.  Our students design the backgrounds, choreography, the introductions to the songs as well as the program.  It 's so exciting to see the "way cool" boys dancing to the song "Hot Chocolate" and "Do you Know Blitzen?" Tomorrow, I will be wrapping and watching my favorite Christmas movies. I love this time of year not the shopping but the giving.  I’m always thankful for celebrating with my friends this coming week at school. Feel free to check out other celebration blogs here.