Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Slice of Life: Time for Reflection

Who knew a two week technology class would put everything into perspective (OLW15) for me?  An extremely smart TST said in an after school meeting, "This past two weeks of the online school was suppose to be difficult and even a little uncomfortable."  I continually shook my head until it about fell off.  Then he responded with "Good, that was the point."  

Enter my thoughts which I didn't say aloud.  

  • Yes this two week course was challenging. I had to go through the paces because I received a new Mac Book Air.  Then I thought wow Maria you're being pretty selfish with your time as well as forgetting about gratitude. Wake up, be thankful!
  • I am never going to remember all of these shortcuts and why should I?  I can look them up if I need them.  Then I thought if I learned the shortcuts I could save time and that would allow me accomplish other goals. The shortcuts I know now I use all the time and love them.
  • I can't pass these two quizzes.  I needed help and asked a friend.  Then I remembered I  totally cheated on the quizzes and took them with my friend who was there for support and yes several answers. 
  • I'm not sure how to use Handbrake, upload a video and add it to our district page. Then I remembered quickly I've  only asked for help at least 5 times this year. Don't you think it's about time for you to learn how to do it?  
This class was  uncomfortable for me. I had  presentations, slide shows and videos to watch. I had to take two quizzes and upload a flat file along with a video.  Most of it was new.  And as I thought about life these past few months, which has been a whirlwind. The entire school year has been uncomfortable for me. Turning around and teaching five subjects a day (new Standards in LA and Math) has been overwhelming. There were numerous times I took a deep breath, did some self talk and convinced myself I was prepared to teach a lesson on a new standard. Thank goodness for lunch conversations with colleagues who talked me off the ledge,  held my hand and helped me to laugh hysterically. 

Taking this class allowed me to put this school year into a clearer perspective. Sometimes school is going to be hard for both the teacher and students. Sometimes you have to fight through the new material and feel uncomfortable  And then finally the month of May arrives along with a two week technology class and everything falls into perspective? 

Thank to all those who participate in Slice of Life every Tuesday especially to The Two Writing Teachers.  

On a side note:  Technology class was difficult.  Scott, our TST, replied, "You were given a new computer.  All of you know four-five things and can do them well.  Let's try and learn more applications to  strengthen  our teaching as well as our students' learning."  
Bravo to you Scott.