Sunday, February 18, 2018

When I Don't Know the Answers

I purchased this print about six months ago to hang on my wall in my library in our home. It took me three months to find a frame that I loved as much as the print.  It sat framed on the floor probably since Christmas. Today was the day it was placed with honor.  This photo says it all if you truly know me. "I love my library." The young girl choosing a perfect book on her library ladder. Truth be told I really wanted a ladder when we built our home, but we just couldn't figure it out.  

In the past two weeks, I have become quiet. Choosing not to be involved in conversations about what's happening in the world specifically in Ostrander, Worthington and Florida. I don't have any answers.  My time is spent on prayers and reflection.  I am a wife, mom, teacher and a citizen.  For me there aren't any clear answers.  I choose to focus on how I can help my family and my students.  The best way I know to help my students is continue to increase their knowledge, compassion, and empathy for people who are different than us.  I believe one of the best ways is to share stories.  Stories that allow students to see another point of view. Stories that open up their eyes to how fortunate they are.  Stories that have them asking questions and yes hard conversations.  When I don't know the answers, I turn to books that I can share with my impressionable readers.

I always participate in #NF10for10 either with a post or following all the blogs.I opened several tabs and started requesting picture books from my favorite little library in Ostrander. This is my pile that I picked up yesterday at the library.  Today I had time to read all of them.  Several touched my heart and will be shared in our classroom. I found one that I ordered for a friend because I believe paying it forward is one positive way to move forward. When I don't know the answers,I know my answers can be found in books and that is why I love my library and more importantly that is why I believe we need to continuing sharing books with our students allowing stories to be told and conversations to be opened.