Saturday, November 19, 2016

Celebrating Learners in Room 234

It's been a grand week in Room 234!  Several students accomplished their goals in reading and math.  I celebrate their smile as they tell me 

  • "I finally read a Historical Fiction book and I really liked it.  Where's another one?"
  • "Did you know that I connected with Margaret in Are You There God? It's me Margaret."  One of my favorite books from fifth grade.  Thank you Judy Blume. 
  • Over 60 families attended Grand Discussion discussing Save me a Seat on Thursday night with their mom or dad
  • We had our second Newberry Club meeting - students are enthusiastic about their reading and casted their first vote of the season
  • EO made connections with Base 10 and the Metric System.

  • Students played with water to explore Metric Capacity. 

  • "I've never had so much fun in math1"  
  • "I never compared a liter to a gallon."
Celebrating learners in Room 234 and their inspiration to continue to grow. Asking great questions and most of all beginning to take ownership of their own learning. Several students set higher reading goals because  they had the confidence which has been building since August.  I hope all my friends are enjoying the learning at NCTE and tweet away. Thanks Ruth for encouraging us to celebrate.  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Celebrating Unexpected Moments

I'm celebrating unexpected moments this week that pulled me up by my bootstraps and kept me going.  A phone call from a dear friend who I haven't talked to in a few months.  We text every now and then to just let each other know we're thinking of each other.  But this week, I sent a long text (which I tell my mom isn't the correct use LOL) but I wanted her to know how impressed I was with a recent project and how her words touched my heart.  Two minutes later, my phone rang.  It was reassuring to hear the sound of her voice.  In my busy world, I truly appreciate when friends pick up the phone to talk. That 10 minute phone call helped me smile and lifted my spirits.

My second celebration is one about honesty. It's hard sometimes to be honest with a friend especially a friend that you value and respect.  I sent a Voxer message to a colleague about an event we were suppose to be attending, and I decided not to go.  After I sent my "vague" message, she voxered (is that a word?) back and told me why she wasn't going either.  We both had the same reason and better yet we both were able to discuss our thoughts which was worth a $100 therapy session to me.  

My final celebration is this photo that I captured as we were walking to our Veterans Day assembly.  A second grader was struggling with tying his Cub Scout knot, and KC got of line and stopped to tie it for him.  Totally without any prompts!  That is a true celebration and the Boy Scout Way!!!   Thanks Ruth for encouraging us to to celebrate.  I am excited to read other posts.  Happy Saturday friends. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Celebration my OLW: Quest

Celebrations make all the difference when life is passing me by quickly.  I am celebrating my quest (OLW16) as our first 12 weeks of the school year comes to an end.  I celebrate moments that I knew would happen, but I wasn't sure when they would.  This year I have taken several photos of my class.  It's been helpful with my reflections as I think about how the learners in Room 234 have grown the first 12 weeks of their fifth grade year. Thanks to Ruth for encouraging us to Celebrate every week. Happy Saturday, and here's to locating your own quest.

EO smile says it all!!! The comfortable beach chair, a Friday morning celebration of multiplication.
I celebrate the time EO spent with me and her determination that she would accomplish her goal.

When we finished our first read aloud, the students decided they wanted to do projects to share their learning from Capture the FlagRD and her friends chose to write a play.  I celebrate creativity and fun props.  RD has her dog,  press credentials, reporters notebook and her briefcase. 

 CC wanted to make a poster, and my favorite part was that he used
crayons.  In a tech world, I celebrate a poster board, crayons and amazing thinking.