Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wednesday Word Work: August Lesson Thinking

It is a personal challenge to help my new wordsmiths flip their thinking about word work. I always ask how many of you enjoy ----- fill in the blank with different subjects. I record the data on the board, and we share observations about our new group of learners. I snapshot the data and keep it for future reference. Typically 5 out of 27 enjoy word study. I ask the hard question: Why? What does word study mean to you? How can I shift your perspective this year? I have several lessons already planned for the first few weeks of words study.

To encourage wordsmiths to think about vocabulary differently throughout our day I weave conversations about word learning into every subject.
  • Discussing expectations: What do you notice about the word expectations?
  • Sharing our #ClassroombBookaDay What words did you hear that you liked or were new to you?
  • Math: I notice the word operations have multiple meanings?
  • Science: What happens when you compare science to scientist?
  • Writing: Look at my summer writing, what do you notice about my word choice?
My goal is to create new expectations and shift their thinking about word study. I promise I will have more than five learners enjoying word work after the first month of school, and I will have the data to support it.

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  1. Thanks for all the links to other blog posts you've written (that's the best kind of spotlight)! I'm definitely going to do that survey and see how the data changes over the course of the year!

    1. Funny never considered this post a spotlight. Let's compare data