Monday, February 13, 2012

Extending Wonder Over the Weekend

So many times in teaching we are driven to complete our lesson plans, making sure we have graded the diagnostics as well as keep the pacing on track.  But I stopped for a moment when three of my students came up to me Friday afternoon and told me their weekend plans.  The girls had decided to get together this weekend and build their own word jars.  I was so excited when they told me, and I asked them what made them decide to do this.  All three girls said with a smile, we just want to have our own word jar because we have had so much fun wondering about words this year!  I asked them to send me some pictures over the weekend.  To my surprise as I was spending my weekend in Bowling Green with our daughter for our last "Mom's Day."  I was thrilled to see these photos arrive throughout the day on Saturday.  I am so excited to see their jars at school this week.  I think I will share the wonder #127:  How Do Words Get Added to the Dictionary? I wonder if they used the same criteria for their word jars?

Collecting words.
Excited to be finished!

Building their jars.

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  1. I have read (somewhere:) that when school extends into the home it should be for communication, reflection, and exploration...looks like the girls did that all on their own! What fun when it extends into the home and back again!