Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes it is fun to dream....

What a great interactive game for the classroom.

I would love to do this with a door in my classroom!

Enough said- I LOVE words!

Perfect staircase with even better book titles!

A few Saturdays ago,  I was eating breakfast with Franki and Mary Lee @ A Year of Reading and Cathy @ Read & Reflect. We were discussing several issues and pinterest came up.  Mary Lee and I looked at each other and said almost at the same time we can't do one more thing on the internet.  I commented that once I look at it I would have to understand how it works, and I have just held back from searching it out until this past weekend.  Our daughter came home from college to celebrate her  birthday, and she started talking about the site and of course I had to look-oh my!!!  It's clip art heaven and in my humble opinion the pictures are where dreams can begin. Thanks Anna for sharing this site-now if you just keep sending me these amazing pictures I will be able to share them on my blog.


  1. Maria,
    Glad to hear you are enjoying Pinterest. I found it this summer and would loose myself for hours. I love it, but don't have the time to get "lost" or add the addiction to my already busy internet schedule during the school year. Kind of jealous you do!

  2. I'm jealous that you were able to have breakfast with Mary Lee and must be nice to live near each other! I started Pinterest and gave up - blogging and keeping up with reading/lesson planning is about as much as I can take on for now....but it is fun!

  3. I feel very lucky to have such an amazing community of bloggers around me. It is so much fun to just get together and talk. As far as Pinterest I looked at the site with Anna and we tagged these pics. I too do not have the time to spend on it but love the pictures to support literacy. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Maria,
    Welcome to the dark side. You are right. Pinterest is the perfect place for dreamers.