Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Confessions on Digital Learning Day

I am trying to be more involved in cross posting with my colleagues on blogging.  I have had such success with 10 for 10 Pictures Books, Poetry Friday, and currently I have committed to One Little Word (OLW) for the year.  These communities have introduced me to many new bloggers and connected me with my friends who already blog.  I was very excited to read  Kevin's post about Digital Learning Day. If truth be known,  every time I read Kevin's post about how he incorporate digital tools into his classroom I am constantly amazed.  I have always enjoyed his comics and also how he uses gaming in his classroom.

I am not going to focus on one tool today - I am going to focus on the concept of a digital tool box.  As Mark and I prepare for the Dublin Literacy Conference Feb. 18, we were discussing our presentation.  For the past two years my class has always created a digital piece on their iPods and  all the students always used the same app.  I did this for several reasons most of all because it is easier to teach one new app and also the students could help each other with problems.  And to be totally honest it was easier for me to learn one new app and help 23 students with only one app. So with my confession out of the box,

Mark and I introduced the students to a digital tool box for their persuasive writing.  The tool box included: Sonic Pic, Story Kit, iMovie, Green screen, and Keynote. The students are so excited to choose their tool and be able to create on their iPod, our new iPad, and some are working on our lap tops.  It was a jump of faith to allow choice in the tools, but I would not trade my decision for anything   I am so proud of their work - check back later for updates or come see us at the Dubln Lit. Conference.

Want to jump with me?

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