Saturday, February 4, 2012

Full Circle Reflection-OLW

I am going to take a break from posting about technology, literacy, and professional development.  Last Saturday, I had a full circle moment, and it was one of those moments in my career that I just stopped when I got home and told my husband, "I made it."   I joined the Central OH Bloggers for breakfast at North Star Cafe and then we went to a local bookstore to enjoy some new books.

As I write this post, and I look at our picture, I am thankful for so many friends in this picture. One of the friendships goes back to my college years at BGSU and many of them are my colleagues in Dublin and yet others are new friends that I now know personally instead of just reading their amazing blogs.  As we ate breakfast and talked there were common themes: technology is important in our classrooms, one key to success in all classrooms is a strong literacy program and finally the best professional conversations can happen over a bowl of granola and a fresh squeezed class of orange juice.  Thinking about my growth with NCFL and how my blogging community is growing because of Wonder Year 2012 I guess I have come full circle!

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