Sunday, February 19, 2012

Digital Showcase in Rm. 228

Every trimester, we celebrate our writing and just last week we invited the parents into our classroom.  The students had to present their persuasive presentations to their parents.  It was exciting to see their Sonic Pic commercials on our "big screen." This was our culminating activity for the students choosing from the digital toolbox, and I was thrilled with the results.  I was nervous about having my students choose their tool for their final project.  The class divided down the middle choosing Sonic Pic or Keynote. Some students even chose to do a voice over with key note which was exciting because in essence those students wrote two scripts. One for the text of the key note and the other one to explain the pictures as they showed on the "big screen."  In addition, over half of my class chose their topic from past wonders @wonderopolis.  Here are some past wonders that hooked my class:
*Where do Recycled Items Go?  Wonder #43
*How Does a Species Become Endangered?  Wonder #152
*How are Dolphins and Porpoises Different?  Wonder #248

Finally look at the picture above, Jillian created this final slide with a wide variety of animal pictures to show the importance of endangered animals and spelled the word HELP.  I was so impressed with how she created this.  Look closely---amazing!


  1. Choice is so important for our kids. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is the importance supporting my students as they learn a few tools so that eventually they can choose which ones best represent their work. For awhile, every time I learned about something new, I wanted my kids to learn it/do it. It was too much. They didn't get to learn to use any of the digital tools deeply. I love the last picture. It's amazing what kids can do when we give them the opportunity.

  2. Maria, I love hearing about what you are doing with your class because it inspires me! I teach a kinder/first grade combination so I like to think that in a few years my students will be doing the projects you talk about and it is my job to prepare them to soar with those projects. Thank you for sharing!
    An Open Door

  3. Thank you Julie and Camille for your comments. You're both right on- choice and time to practice is so important. That is why having a digital toolbox was so important to my learning as well as the students.
    As a fifth grade teacher, I truly appreciate the strong framework that my students bring as they grow through the primary years.