Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day is Approaching

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions Valentine's Day?  If you're a teacher typically it is not flowers, chocolates or a card, you think of the "party" that you will be having in your classroom this Tuesday.  I know that I am posting early, but I thought I might bring some heartful cheer with some fun lesson plan ideas.  Every year, I purchase candy hearts with words on them, and we spend Feb. 14 having fun with words.  Typically we start in math class and multiply the vowels times the consonants, find the range of the vowels and create math problems.  For example  heart (5) x fun (3) x hug (3) = 45.  Then in word study, we build phrases or sentences with our words trying to build long detailed sentences while discussing different parts of speech. Some years, students have written their own poems gluing the candies on the poem. For reading this year, I am going to share Wonderopolis with my students. We are going to look at last year's Feb. 14 Wonder #134 Is There Love at First Sight?  I know you have to be thinking, really in fifth grade but YES!  Just look at the amazing vocabulary words and there is a direct connection to Life Science.  
Finally right before the party when the students are passing out their Valentines I will pose the question, "What's your favorite kind of chocolate?" I wonder what chocolate is made up besides sugar and cocoa? I wonder what the #1 candy bar is among fifth graders? So I will ask them to write their answer on a sticky note and write 2 supportive details on why that is their favorite chocolate. After all, every lesson needs a little textual support even chocolate!  Happy Valentine's Day a little early.  

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