Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Science Reflections OLW - 2012

As the month ends, and I reflect back I realize that some of the BEST and most EXCITING lessons were in science.  I know a little out of my comfort zone, so enjoy a photo tour of our month. I am lucky enough to team teach everyday with my friend, Sarah. Almost every day before, during or after school, I am thankful to teach with her.  Her gift in writer's workshop always gives me inspiration. All of our conversations about students always help me grow as a teacher.  Thank you Sarah for being such an integral part of life.

The first picture is captioned, "Many hands can light a bulb."  This was one of the best science classes of the year!  We gave each group 3 things (a light bulb, a battery, a one wire) and allowed them time to explore.  I wish you could have heard how excited the students were when they lit the bulb.  It was a "Eureka" kind of day!

Another fun experiment: How can we put out this candle without blowing it out? Some of the predictions included: clapping loudly, singing loudly, yelling loudly, and finally whispering. It was a very LOUD day in science class. Do you see the yellow container in Sarah's hands?  It is a margarine container with a small hole cut out of it.  After trying all of the class predictions, Sarah gently tapped the container right above the flame and the flame went out.  Viola-introduction to sound energy!

Finally science would not be complete without linking it to past Daily wonders  @wonderopolis. The students had weekly Wonder HW in which they connected their learning at school with home by leaving strong comments.  Check out these past wonders for Physical Science.

*Wonder #161 What Makes Sound Louder?
*Wonder #98  What is Static Electricity?
*Wonder #494 Why is Ice Slippery?
*Wonder #312 How Can a Voice Break a Glass?

Our class is still wondering if some possible future wonders might include:
*How do electrons flow in electricity?
*States of matter (solid, liquid and gas) 
*The Design Process in science experiments
*The difference between reflection and refraction in light energy

Does your class have any science wonders???  We are cross posting today on our end of the month reflections. Check out my friend's blogs. 

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Melissa @Technology figuring out how the piecesfit


  1. Very cool! I love learning about what's going on in your class, Maria - your classroom seems alive with learning!

  2. You do such a WONDERful job of encouraging your students to think. Thank you for sharing!

  3. When reading your post, it made me go back and count how many wonders I have used during my unit on weather. The answer...7!!! From wonders about barometers to windchill to fog to hail...Wonderopolis was a great resource for our Earth Science thinking too! Thanks for the post :)

  4. Thanks for your comments-I have found that Wonderopolis really can be integrated throughout all areas and does allow for higher thinking.

  5. As I read your post I can't help but think about the significance of wonder in your classroom. I'm sure it has changed the way your young scientists think, work and talk during these investigations. I love the way you have made the wonders from Wonderopolis a part of the learning you do.

    Thanks for sharing, Maria.

  6. Great reflection on our science lessons! Love our team and the ways you inspire me to teach with more intention each day! ~sarah