Monday, March 12, 2012

Slice of Life-Putting One Foot Forward

Some days are harder than others. I’m not writing anything that is a big news flash.  But today seemed harder than most. As I got ready this morning, I pondered if it was because it is Monday, because it is raining and dreary or because of the time change?  None of those reasons really seemed to make sense to me, so I left for my day at school.  Ever have one of those days when everything you planned so intently or created and worked so hard on over the weekend just didn’t seem to click with your students.  I was so excited to start the CWSC and the only thing I remember is when one of the students asked, “What do I get if I win?” At that moment, my teacher hat came off and my mother hat was put on---my own family understands what that means.  I politely looked at the student and asked do you remember last Friday when we were discussing immigration? Do you remember how we discussed how difficult it must be to come to a new country and how hard it must be for a family to leave their culture and family roots behind just for a chance at a better life?  Then I commented most of the time the prize is not at important as the learning.  Learning more about words and learning that life can be challenging and often we need to just put one foot in front of the other and keep on walking.  


  1. I had the same feelings today. No matter what I did...I could not change my mood. I felt like Judy Moody!

    My Bracket Challenge went well...the students picked their Sweet 16 today. My favorite word was "gusto"! I used the book...The Boy Who Loved kick it off.

    Here is to a Happy Tuesday!!!!!

  2. Love the life lesson - learning IS the winning.

  3. Thanks Tracy and Kristi for your comments-ready to start a new day with one foot in front of the other and knowing the learning is the gift.

  4. Some days are easier than others that is for sure. The best thing we can do is "put one foot forward" on days like that. I will be interested to hear how your challenge goes. Best of luck.


  5. Ah, yes, I have those days...they seem to make me feel worse when it falls on a Monday - then I think that the whole week will be off. But a new day dawns, you put one foot in front of the other...and all is right again. You taught them a valuable life lesson, Maria!

  6. Thanks Tara-seems like my blog comments pulled me out of this one!
    Thanks to everyone :)