Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice of Life From the Cockpit

Our world is changing. not a lightbulb moment but once again as I sit on the airplane I notice such a wider variety of tech tools from my previous flying experiences. I have been lucky to have flown since I was young. I remember I was only allowed to bring one book, my crayons and coloring book and of course my teddy bear. Fast forward 20 years, we have our own children and they brought their game boy, Magic fluorescent marker games and playing cards. Fast forward another 10 years and today I am typing my blog on my iPad and listening to my music. Next to me, my friend is reading Steve Job"s book on his iPad. In front of me, someone is working on a presentation that looks really confusing. The seat right next to me has probably a two year old who is watching a movie on his parents iPad but one thing that is the same are those cute little sippy cups. I guess those haven't changed in the past 40 years. As I close my iPad I notice the time has already changed--what ever happened to setting the Timex watch back. Guess that has changed also. Our world is changing.

PS. I am posting this after I wrote it in pages in Phoenix Airport.
PSS. I have tried to add the Slice graphic and can't figure it out. Still have lots of learning to do.


  1. Love the reflection of carry-on entertainment across the flights. And it changes as the kids get older too. Can't wait for the day she plugs herself in and we all do our own thing for the journey.

  2. Maria,
    I always think of my life as an undergraduate in college versus going to grad school. As an undergrad, I typed my papers on a typewriter (sometimes electric, sometimes not). If I made a mistake, I had to start all over. White-out was all the rage.

    Then years later in grad school, we all used computers. Mistakes were not a big deal. Plus, as I worked on my master's project, I could easily rewrite it over and over, but just cut and paste from earlier versions. It was amazing! But I still had to print it out and turn in a hard copy.

    Today ... papers are submitted electronically and the sky really is the limit for the future!
    An Open Door

  3. Maria,
    You are so right. It's amazing that I can leave my house with three "books" right in my purse. When I remember back to riding in the backseat of the car without air conditioning, not wearing a seatbelt and with only a radio for entertainment I'm reminded of how times have changed.


  4. It is so much fun to read these comments and remember along with you! I also went to college with only a typewriter. I remember always having books with me and trying to choose because not all of them would fit in my book bag.