Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Class in Pictures

Every year, our PTO asks each class to do a project for our Spring fundraising event.  Most years, my class have created a "project" like a bowl with finger prints on it, collected items for a theme basket etc. But not this year, one of my wonderful room parents (Did I mention lately how THANKFUL I am for room parents?) asked my students to bring in 5-10 pictures that describe them and their fifth grade year.  I was a little weary I have to admit because I envisioned  Xbox, many sports activities, pictures of food etc.  But once again, my class shocked me.  Just look at the picture above and most importantly to me look at all of the connections they have made with their learning this year. 

*importance of recycling (our Life Science unit)
*importance of fun (playing card for indoor recess-Kemps)
*importance of giving back (Box Tops) and Jump Rope for Heart
*importance of Wondering @wonderopolis
*importance of being a girl (nail polish is a must!)
*importance of having fun with friends
*our school mascot (Bailey Bulldogs)

Finally look at the next zoom in shot - more amazing connections.

*importance of X-tra Math (a free website to practice basic facts)
*importance of our Newberry Club (Thanks Bill @ Literate Lives for doing this with me)
*importance of Wonderopolis (again for enriching our literacy block)
*importance of giving back (Jiff peanut butter for our Homeless Project)
*importance of reading (blue book in the corner is one of the student's favorite books)

The fingerprints at the top are all around the edges - what a great memory!

Our class celebrating their accomplishments!

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  1. Don't you love it when they surprise you by going DEEP instead of staying on the surface?!?!