Sunday, March 11, 2012

OLW: Reflections on Blogs

Over the weekend I read the BEST blog Thinking Stems,  March Madness...
Word Study...Think Quick.  I was so excited because Tracy integrated March Madness (basketball brackets) and word study.  Two of my favorite things woven into one grand idea.  I was like a dog with a bone starting Saturday redesigning my lesson plans for this week.  I created a keynote to set up my students in choosing their words and created a new schedule tag for our board.  See the picture above-: CWSC = Caplin Word Study Challenge.  Do you want to join along? Here are some snapshots from my keynote.....

Now for the OLW reflection part of the post --- I have been so inspired by what I read on twitter and my friend's blogs.  It is amazing to me that Tracy and I have never met yet I feel like I know her.  We have conversations through our blogs and comment sections.  It is amazing that through blogging and twitter that my professional community continues to help me grow and inspires me as a teacher. Thank you Tracy for this great idea and allowing me to borrow the idea and make it my own.  I know my students will love having fun with words the next two weeks and enjoying the Caplin Word Study Challenge.

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  1. You are so kind! I am soooo excited too! I was just printing off a blank bracket to hurry up and copy in the morning. I love it when teachers take an idea and run with it to make it their own. Please let me know how it goes! A teacher in my building does the bracket idea with picture twist is word study! :)

    PS...I concur! Thank you for having a blog that lets us see in your classroom...I feel like you are a teammate across the hall :) And to think...we live 20 minutes apart and have never met. You've got me...maybe twitter will come sooner than June. :)
    PSS... Go Bucks! Number 2 seed!