Saturday, August 11, 2018

Celebrating Choice in the New Year

I'm celebrating NOT spending days setting up my classroom.  I'm looking forward to school starting next Wednesday and meeting my new group of learners.
I am excited to share my reading life with my new readers. It's fun to xerox some of the covers of the books I read this summer. The minute my new students arrive they will know their teacher is a reader. I also include a few personal photos of my reading life and favorite places I like to read. 

For years, I spent hours getting my library ready. Not anymore last year's class organized this library. Mixing all of the books up leaving serval hints about how this new class could organize it.  One of my favorite conversations:

  •  "Do you have this book?"  
  • I reply, "I sure do in the library"
  • "Where in the library?"
  • I reply, "I don't know."
Conversations above lead us into a class discussion about how do you want to organize the library?  Thanks to Ruth for encouraging us to celebrate


  1. I start with kiddos on Tuesday and (in the past) I have done the copying of titles. This year I haven't. You are making me consider doing it again. I love the organization of the library by students. It is a great way for them to get to know the library and have ownership of it. Thanks for sharing your room and good luck next week. I'll be right there with you!

    1. Thanks for's always fun allowing my readers to make their own choices on the library. Every year it is something different. Best of luck as you begin your year too.

  2. Our rooms always reflect our philosophies, and yours looks ready to grow and nurture readers. Have a fabulous first day!