Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#102 Blog-Thank You!

To think that I have written 102 blogs in less than a year.  Many friends encouraged me to jump into the world of blogging, and  I met with them this past Saturday morning for the Central OH Bloggers breakfast which is why I am celebrating #102 because I wanted to keep up with my 48 Hour Book Challenge. All my friends had encouraged me to start a blog but until I found my niche I knew that I couldn't do it. And then came along an iPod grant that changed my teaching and has allowed me the opportunity to connect to the blogging and the twittering world.  As I look at my stats, I honestly have to say I never thought IT would happen-what is IT?  Here are my top 5 posts.  IT could be my wide variety of posts.

IT would have to be Wonderopolis and how WONDERful their site is!  Once I found it, my class and I were off and learning about amazing daily WONDERS!  I love it for so many reasons but most of all the wide variety of WONDERS, the integration of the WONDERS throughout our day, and the connection between home and school.  If you haven't checked it out, you should!  Check out this milestone video it was one of our class favorites and very appropriate for today's blog post.

IT would have to be the learning curve/hill/mountain that I went on this year along with my class and integrating the iPods.  I am thinking differently about my teaching trying to connect to 21st Century skills along with researching different apps and how to implement them into my class.

IT could also be the wide variety of people who have read the blog - THANKS to all of you!

Finally IT would have to be the passion that I have for the opportunity to work with children everyday to build their curiosity and allow them the chance to explore beyond their limits.  Thanks everyone for reading my #102 blog - come along for another 102 IT is going to be WONDERful!

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