Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book #3 and 4: 48 Hour Book Challenge

I have to confess I am not going to do very well  on my hour count for the challenge but I am ok with that because honestly I haven't read 4 picture books in a long time so I am happy.  On a side note, I planned on reading late into the night however my daughter and I had a chick flick movie marathon until 1:30 this morning and that was worth every minute!  So here we go book #3 was an easy read but a difficult visual discovery.  It reminded of  Highlights Magazine for those of us old enough to remember the seek and find in that.  The name of the book is Look!  A Book!  (A Zany Seek and Find Adventure). On every other page there are cutouts, so the reader reads the page, looks for pictures and when you turn the page it focuses on three small special pictures.  The three pictures also rhyme which is fun.  For example:  A goose!  A moose! A pool of juice!  There is also a fun surprise at the end of the book! 

Book #4 Climbing Lincoln Steps (The African American Journey) is perfect for my social studies indicators!  The books starts with the importance of Lincoln Memorial and continues to build with the key moments in African American history.  I learned about the famous opera singer Marian Anderson who sang on the steps but had been denied many times until Eleanor Roosevelt spoke up.  The time line also helps the reader starting in 1861 to 2009.  I found a podcast interview with Suzanna Slade the author also which includes Martin Luther King's historic speech, "I Have a Dream."  It is a must have if this is part of your SS curriculum.

I am off to get ready for Central OH bloggers breakfast-I sure am hungry and it will be my first time to meet many of the  bloggers so I am excited!

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