Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RX for Education-Consider 21 Century Skills

I found this chart the last few weeks of the school year, and I took a snapshot and left it on my desktop.  Now that I have a few days to reflect on the chart although it is developed for the medical field, I believe it could be RX for Education in the classroom as well.  I have to say the IN column really does a great job of summarizing my first year with our class set of iPods.  I believe iPods or any type of technology allows teachers to reach beyond paper and pencil and move towards the 21 Century Skills. As a seasoned veteran teacher, one of the things I am proud of at the end of my year was the ability to change my teaching style along with the integration of iPods.  Change is never easy but I will tell you as I look back and reflect on this list, I believe that it is important to take some time this summer to stop and consider how to integrate the 21 Century Skills?  I do feel strongly however observation should NEVER be OUT.  The power of observations are an integral part of my classroom, and I wish it was not on the NOT side.  One easy way is to integrate technology into your classroom is to use the link to  Wonderopolis.  It is an amazing website that posts a WONDER everyday that as a teacher/parent you can extend, enhance and enjoy learning something new with your students/children.  I would highly encourage you to check it out because it is a WONDERful site to explore!  Check back soon........exciting WONDER news coming soon!!!


  1. Loved this post! I swiped the list from your blog for thinking and planning. Maybe observation means sitting with your hands in your lap and only pics, diagrams and videos and simulation means getting directly involved while observing? I agree how the observational piece is HUGE.

    Also: have you looked at this site for wonders, background knowledge and just good nonfiction reading?

    Talk to you soon~

  2. Thanks Andrea and I can't wait to check out that link. Also can't wait to get together and talk I have some fun news to share.