Friday, June 3, 2011

2 Poetry Books: 48 Hour Book Challenge

I am a little nervous about the 48 Hour challenge because I have a very busy weekend getting ready for next weekend with our son's graduation, and our daughter leaving for Germany however I am going to do my best. The first book that I will kick off next year with is called Sports Jokes by Pam Rosenberg.  The table of contents list all the sports that my students typically play in addition some horse racing, bowling and fishing jokes.  I have always started the first few weeks of school with jokes about sport's and how important it is to build TEAMwork, so this is a perfect book for the start of the year.  

The second book that I read, I picked up for the title.  I love the title:  Around the World on Eighty Legs and would be great for predictions and inferences.  Some students might even know that the title came from Around the World in 80 Days which would be a great conversation also.  This picture book could be used for so many reasons.  First the author chooses every continent but North America and takes the reader around the world learning about different animals from the region. Second the facts are written in poems, and they are all different types. Next, the poems teach the reader new facts about why that animal lives in that location. Also I love the illustrations they are fun and interactive! I would use the poems for reading and word study strategies throughout the year.  Finally the last page of the book is a Menagerie (great word) Chart of more interesting and fun facts.

  When hiking mountains in Peru,
  up craggy peaks in blazing sun,
  your Samsonite will never do.
  (To lug your luggage won't be fun.)
  So travel light- enjoy the view!
  To suit yourself. I'll carry none.
           I'll pack 
                                                 an alpaca.

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