Saturday, May 28, 2011

2010-2011 LIst of Apps

Last week my friend Mary Lee left me a comment and asked me for a list of the apps that I purchased and some are even free.  Thanks Mary Lee for you look at the photos you can see my list of apps.  Throughout the school year, I have blogged about the apps that my class used and also the ones that I chose to focus on for instruction. Most of these apps really were integrated into instruction this year.  I plan on this summer searching for more apps that can support curriculum that I had some "holes" in this year. I made a list throughout the school year to help me with my search. Stay tune this summer, and I will post updates.  PS: I love typing the word summer :)


  1. Thanks, friend! YOU ROCK!!! I can't wait for time to kick back and read through your iPod year. You are my techie-teachie hero!!

  2. Maria,
    Thanks for sharing your apps. After our conversation yesterday, I am happy to find all your favorites right here on the blog. It will give me something to do this SUMMER. It was nice kicking off SUMMER by meeting you. I'll look forward to more conversations as the SUMMER continues. (Thought you might enjoy "reading" the word SUMMER too.)


  3. Thanks to both of you for leaving comments-I agree I loved getting together and talking yesterday!