Friday, May 20, 2011

WONDER what Photos Would Say

This has been one of those weeks that were full of highs and lows.  Let's get to the lows first, last Thursday I lost my voice and as of today I am still home. I can't stand missing the second to last week of school-so many specials celebrations that I am missing makes me very sad. 

On a high note, I went to school Tuesday to celebrate with my class although probably not best of choices but all teachers KNOW when you have to do it (as Nike would say).  I am so THANKFUL that I did it-what a WONDERful celebration.  As you look above, I pulled up Wonderopolis as our model on the Smartboard and the students shared their WONDERS with their parents. Look at the top photo, see his little brother looking intently at his WONDER.  I would have hated to miss the conversations (although one sided) with the parents amazement of what their child had created.  So without a voice, I am going to add some captions and let you listen into our classroom.

Sitting on mom's lap sharing about desert tortoise!
I didn't even know there were desert tortoise.

Sharing with mom and dad about her new friend in Japan.

Notice the crutch, this mom just had surgery on Friday and she
made it to share in the WONDER.
We traveled down an unknown road and the knowledge learned and the technology used was beyond anything I would have ever imagined. As Mr. Mark said, "The students created their own web page-they built their own encyclopedia of knowledge." On a side note,  I have not learned how to upload the WONDERS to my blog, they were made on iWeb and are living on our school server. Mr. Mark and I are going to have the students burn a CD this Tuesday, so the students will have their own copy to keep forever. If anyone has any ideas on how to transfer the video for my blog. I would appreciate the suggestions. 

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  1. I can't wait to see these! What a fabulous journey it has been...good for you that took this leap in the tech frontier - your students have benefited so much.