Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Slice of Life My OLW

My #OLW reflection really hit me as I drove home today after school! I am celebrating putting the brakes on today in class. I started the day with a list of students who I needed to conference with from last week. It was after lunch and my list was still sitting there. I knew I wanted to find them but my lesson plans had other ideas.  I looked at my list for the fourth time after I finished read aloud.

I just couldn't do it...I decided that we would have extended time choosing SSR or continued writing in WNB.  You could have heard a pin drop. M. replied, "But Mrs. Caplin we already had time to read we never get it twice." With a huge smile, I replied, "You do this year." And they cheered.

So many times, way too many times, I have forged ahead with my LP. I always get stressed and if I'm honest I know that the lesson I taught wasn't the best. I am choosing to slow down this year. I am choosing to focus on students first. After all it is really easy to draw an arrow in the LP box to the next day.

Side note: I didn't even plan on blogging tonight. Left my computer at school. I composed on my iPad - wow I'm still a learner.  Thanks Two Writing Teachers for encouraging me.


  1. Choosing to focus on the children - YES! That's the focus of my year, too, my friend. Thank you for slicing today.