Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Word Work: Exploration

Favorite shelf of word study and poetry books.
Typically the poetry shelf is jammed pack; however,
every student has a book in their desk for this week's
Poetry Friday celebration.
I had a little extra kick in my step this week with word work because I was constantly thinking.  I went straight to the source. My amazing and vocal group of learners in Room 234.  I shared with them that I was blogging about word work, and I wanted to continue the conversation from last week about EXPLORATION.  I asked a few students during indoor recess:  What's your favorite part of word study? 
  • your word study book tub (which continues to grow out of the tub)
  • word observations
  • having fun with words on Poetry Friday
  • sorting words (introductory lesson for most new skills)
  • having our own word notebook (always have a basket ready to choose from)
Word observations is a routine I start early in the year and my students continue to use this strategy throughout the year especially syllable boxes to help them with their spelling.   It's the opportunity to notice the word features.  

  1. Count the vowels plus consonants = letters (write an addition problem)
  2. Using that information, build syllable boxes (one of the most important rules in spelling every syllable has a vowel in it)
  3. Teaching why "y" is a vowel and a consonant (it's really neat if you have a student who's name is Ryan because y is a vowel) depending on if it is in a box without another vowel
  4. Part of speech
  5. Definition 
  6. Sentence showing meaning
first word observation of the year
Thanks for stopping by on Wednesday. I am excited to learn along with you as we explore word work. If you decide to post leave your link in the comment section.

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