Sunday, August 7, 2011

Collaborative Thinking About Reader's Notebooks

Once again I have continued to grow through twitter, and I met Tracy because of an email that Mary Lee and Franki sent inviting Central OH bloggers to breakfast before the school year starts.  Unfortunately I will not be able to attend however Tracy who writes at Thinking Stems saw my email and contacted me telling me that she has been reading my blog.  I was very excited, and we started a conversation about our classrooms and wound up having lots in common including our love for school supplies!   On to the professional growth,  Tracy posted this blog Need to Make a Decision about Reader's Notebooks that I commented on and Tracy asked me these questions.

This started an amazing conversation about different ideas on how to set up  notebooks and every year about this time I am thinking about what "tabs" do I want to use, do I need to change them?  How does the students Wonderopolis thinking fit in the notebook?  So through our conversation I have decided on this set up. Also notice the the times of our conversations we were able to comment and learn on our own time line which is another huge benefit of blogging and twitter. Thanks Tracy for our virtual conversation-it really helped me organize my note book thinking. Check that off my list-yea!!

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  1. And I thank you!!!! So much fun (and reflecting:) when discussing ideas with new colleagues! Keep the posts coming...they make me think!