Thursday, October 6, 2011

Read Our Amazinng Comments!!

The buzz in the room this morning was amazing!  Mrs. Caplin did you know?  Mrs. Caplin I never knew.... I was excited when I learned.... and the best of all THANKS for letting us choose our own wonder!  I am so proud of their progress with comments, and we can continue to build on these focus skills in our future WONDER Wednesday conversations!  


  1. How awesome! We are just starting to implement wonderopolis in the classroom with the "wonder of the week" board. The fifth graders love it and make their own hypothesis for the week. Every Friday we check wonderopolis to see how close we were! The wonders have sparked their own questioning in the classroom. Nothing better. :)

  2. Isn't the buzz of independent inquiry amazing?!?!? As I was reading your students was neat to see that so many of them did not just focus on reporting facts but appreciated their background knowledge, discovered new words, and kept wondering with more questions! Our Wonder Conversations are on Fridays...can't wait to see what my class shares today! :)

  3. Everyone in Wonderopolis LOVED receiving and reading all the great comments from your "MC" kids today! Thank you for inspiring them to WONDER! :-)