Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wonder Wednesday=Connecting School & Family

WARNING: A giant secret is about to be revealed about teachers.  If you don't want to know, don't continue reading below the picture.

One of the family designed flags. Can you guess their last name?  KING-love it!

Some of the BEST learning in a classroom is unexpected and not planned.  Last Wednesday our focus was on WONDER #274 Who Made the American Flag? We continued focusing on reading strategies: background knowledge, new facts, building vocabulary through transfer to their own writing and finally enrichment which is where the secret starts.

These were the directions that I gave to my class for their WONDER homework on Wed.  I have never had so many students excited about designing their own family flag and choosing the colors as well as discussing the meaning of the colors.  Finally the family signatures around the flag are PRICELESS!  Enjoy the pictures-what an unexpected fun part of learning about the history of the American flag-oh yea have you ever heard of Rebbecca Young? You might want to read the wonder?
A family flag description-if you can't read the bottom it says "the orange diamonds on bottom 2 lines stands for marriage of my mom and dad"

Here is the flag that is explained above.

Check out all of the thinking and family signatures.


  1. Your flags are really WONDERful! Way to go, "MC" students! :-)

  2. I wonder what your class flag would look like and what it would represent.
    Mrs. Frazier
    First Grade