Monday, January 7, 2013

Wonder Comments Lift My Spirit

 After two weeks of a wonderful relaxing vacation, I started back to school today.  I was excited to see my students, but I wasn't thrilled with what I had to accomplish to get my students ready for their 2 1/2 hour reading diagnostic test this Thursday. Truth be known, I had only focused on the first diagnostic reading test for myself and guiding some specific mini lessons/whole group when needed. I had not passed back their September tests YET and gone over them with my students. Today was our first day back - crazy I know but I was out of time.  Our morning was spent going over the tests, over the tests, over the tests I guess you get the point.  At lunch I was sad and depressed.  To help myself over the slump, I pulled our class together, and I asked them to share if any of them had left a comment on Wonderopolis over the holiday break.  Five students replied yes, and we celebrated!  Here's why....

Perfect wonder made his Top Ten List- I will have ask him tomorrow for his list.

Maddy and her family actually visited the Tar Pits in CA over their vacation!! Wondering came to life!

Cade and his mom connected over penny candy sharing memories

Christine made a life connection about visiting Koala Bears at our zoo. She also made the correct predication for the next day's wonder!!

Finally, snowman left his very first comment.  He is learning English and I have been encouraging him since September. I was super proud of him, and the whole class clapped in celebration!!

As I wrote up their homework passes that I created to celebrate with them,  I was feeling much better. Have you had your students leave comments YET at Wonderopolis - I think you should!! 

PS:  As I sit here typing this post, I have decided that we will begin tomorrow morning with some eggnog in celebration of snowman's comment!  Perhaps some hot apple cider on Thursday after the reading diagnostic also.


  1. How exciting! It is so awesome when students choose to extend their thinking beyond the classroom. Your students wrote personal comments...melted my heart too!

    PS...Yay for snowman's comments! :)

  2. Nice.

    We diagnosticate on Friday. Woo hoo.