Monday, January 28, 2013

A GREAT Day for Being a Teacher!

Today was one of those days where I felt so thankful for choosing the BEST profession in the world.  To start my day, I was doing my lunch count, and found on my desk the envelope below with the attached letter.  I opened up the letter and almost fell over as I read it.  Kathleen is a first grader in our math buddy class, and her big brother is in my class. I saw her last Thursday in the hall and told her that her brother had some fun homework tonight and if she wanted to try it with him and write me a note I would have a surprise for her.  The homework assignment was to build packages and predict how many cubes would fit in each one?  WOW, her first grade response was better than most of  fifth graders. (Don't you love the Hello Kitty and heart stickers?) 

Next, I turned on my Smartboard at ll:00 to watch the Newbery announcements and although we were not listening to it we got to watch the slides of the books that won.  As the BIG winner got closer, we gathered as I stood next to two members of our Newbery club. We cheered because they had read at least one of the honor books.  I had read two out of three, and I also had a huge smile on my face.  

Finally the BIG event and turned up the sound, and the three of us screamed so loudly that a teacher next door came over to check on us.  Then I had a student "run" down the hall to tell the other Newbery members. 

  To celebrate we (Bill and I) invited the Newbery Club to lunch in the library so that the whole club could celebrate!  All the students brought their lunch, and we just talked about books especially the ones that won! We had 3 members who chose One and Only Ivan as their #1 book.  

What a GREAT day to be a teacher!!!


  1. What a wonderful day! Your positive post made me smile at the end of a long day. :) I was so happy that the One and Only Ivan won! I ran down to a fifth grade classroom to tell them! I was happy to hear that they watched the announcement during indoor recess :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. It was a good day! So happy the Newbery folks finally picked a great book that many kids have read and loved! Happy to share it with you friend.

  3. Great day on so many levels! Hooray, hooray! eneverch