Monday, February 18, 2013

Have you Considered Wondering Homework?

My fifth graders love homework passes.  They are their "get out of jail" ticket.  If they forget their HW, they can use their HW pass and not get a "date." A date is when I write down their late HW and that is how I keep track of late assignments. The HW pass allows them an extra day to get their HW completed and not get a "date."   

Up until this year, I used to give HW passes for holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines) but not this year.  I shifted my thinking and now my students earn their HW pass during the holidays.  I allow my students the opportunity to choose a wonder at Wonderopolis that must be connected to something that we are learning about in school.  They must leave a STRONG comment and on our first day back from a break or for example our 4 day weekend this week, we begin our day with students sharing their comment on the Smartboard. It is a great way to build community after a long break and most importantly students are learning over break and making connections with what we have been discussing in class. I am excited that they are learning to earn their HW pass and not just being given their HW pass.  I think that is another blog post in the future....


  1. I loved using Wonderopolis over long breaks/weekends...we called it our Wonder of the Weekend. Students could blog about our Wonder on our schoology site for our school. It was a great time to promote wonder beyond the content areas and to let their own natural inquiry process happen. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. What a great idea! We love Wonderopolis in our room. We even have an I Wonder board where kids post their wonders and then they (or anyone in the class) can post the answers they find. I have not used Wonderopolis for homework, but what a great way to get kids connected to our learning in school, and at the same time, spark some curiosity and new learning.

  3. We have Wonderopolis for homework on Wednesdays...but I never give homework passes...too mean, I guess!