Sunday, February 24, 2013

Math Buddies are #1

We celebrated our Ohio winters with our first grade math buddies.  To say that the students enjoyed themselves is an understatement.  What student would not enjoy building their own personal snowman from frozen water balloons?  The first graders wrote down their description of the snowman ( 2 square eyes, 1 carrot nose, 3 different size balls) and the fifth graders measured the circumference of snowman while finding the diameter also.  

The students also enjoyed building their own igloos. First graders counted their supplies for this project ahead of time.. Shelly had her students count marshmallows, toothpicks, and gumdrops  The partners took their igloo bags and built their igloo after they were finished fifth graders measure the perimeter and found the area.  It was fun to watch the fifth graders record the numbers as their little buddy counted the materials.

Once again math buddies was a huge success for so many reasons.  Have you found your math buddy class yet? It's not too late.

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