Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer and OLW

Last year's vacation view from our deck watching the ocean.

Summer officially starts for me as we take our family vacation.  Taking a vacation with your adult children is not always easy because of their work schedule.  My husband and I believe strongly it is important for our family to continue to vacation together.  We may take friends along with us but every summer we head off for our week of vacation.

This year we are going to SC for as our son says, "a working vacation." Our daughter who got her first teaching job last year is moving closer to Charleston. Her best friend from college who just graduated is moving down along with another friend from BG. I feel such gratitude when you know your child is going to be settled in her job in a beautiful location along with her true best friend.  We're so thankful that we have the chance to spend some time on the beach next week.  Conversations that will happen over family euchre games along with long walks on the beach.  Time spent enjoying family meals all together along with lessons learned that will always be a part of our family chats.  I am looking forward to the long drive as the two of them are in the backseat and any parent knows you can learn a lot just listening from the front seat. Finally my promise to the our family is that I "unplug" with no blogging, twitter or "school talk" for a week. However, I have packed my school book: (mr. terupt falls again) professional: (Who Owns the Learning? for #cyberPD) and personal: (same kind of different as me). I am ready for the beach, and my chair awaits me but only after both of our kids are done talking because I will be listening.

See you later next week-


  1. Charleston is beautiful! Enjoy, and eat some great food while you are there. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Beautifully said! My oldest has been lucky enough to room with her best friend since kindergarten (they were in the same classes in elementary and shared many of the same classes in middle and high school) during their first year at Ohio State and next year they'll be sharing an apartment!! Jobs together in 2 years? Could they get so lucky...?

  3. Enjoy, enjoy! Your are in the best of company - your family!

  4. I can't wait to hear all about your beautiful week of listening, loving, and laughing. So happy for Anna :) (and for you!)