Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pictures Say a 1,000 Words Only if.......

you look back at them and remember the stories behind them. After talking to some friends and discussing the importance of anchor charts in our classrooms. Thanks to my Lit. Group at BE :) They suggested to take photos of the anchor charts.  I am constantly running out of space in my room for anchor charts, but I have students who rely on anchor charts which makes me happy however keeping all of them is not always easy. I set up folders this year on my student computer, so I can pull up pictures of anchors charts if students ask me where one went. Sadly most of them end up in the recycle bin; however, lately I have been giving them away to students who want to play school. I have one student who wants all the math anchor posters so she can use them at home for when she is tutored.  Why haven't I thought of this sooner?  
Sharing a class picture book for a formative assessment on story elements.
top chart: students created as an overview of what they remembered about character traits.
lower chart:  class chart created together using 5th grade standards for char. traits

Connecting read aloud with our writing.  LOVED Escape from Mr. Lemoncellos's Library
Students were more excited when their tweet was RT by Chris Grabenstein


  1. I know what you mean, Maria. One super organized teacher I know takes pictures of them all and puts them in a binder for reference. Some day that may be my way, too...but now? Not so much,

    1. I am just starting the process but hope to grow in this area. Life is so busy and I appreciate your comments on my blog.