Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday

It's been three years since Wonder #1 Why are Flamingos Pink? piqued my interest. Their theme for the birthday celebration is "Look How Far We've Come." For me, that has been an amazing journey. I have been lucky enough to have been with Wonderopolis since the beginning and have had conversations from San Diego to Ohio and in November I will be heading to Boston for NCTE.  Being a wonder lead not only has influenced my teaching but also has raised my sense of inquiry as an adult. I decided to take a look back at some of my favorite wonders by asking my students to be guest bloggers and write about their favorite part. Without further introduction-welcome guest authors!!

#100  What is a milestone?  

Dear Wonderopolis,  We really enjoyed this wonder. It clearly written about what is a milestone. It's really cool imagining what super cool milestones are coming ahead of us like our graduating from high school or getting a car! Congratulations on reaching your milestone and passing of 1,050 wonders of the day. What's your next milestone your hoping to reach? Sincerely, A,R,E
#152  How Does a Species Become Endangered?

We liked the this wonder, but we wish the video had words. The actual writing was very factual and Wonderoplis did a good job.  We did not know that over 40% of animals are endangered!  Congrats to Wonderoplis for an amazing three years of wonders.  M, E, D

#766 When Will Pigs Fly?

We thought this wonder was very interesting.  Our most favorite part of this wonder is the very funny video.  We learned that if someone says  "When Pigs Fly" it just means it isn't possible or not going to happen whatever that might be.  We also learned phrases similar to this one such as " When cows fly " which is used in many countries.  In France and Spain, phrases such as "When frogs grow hair" or "When hens grow teeth" are also used. So, over all this is a great wonder to enjoy but remember if anyone says " When Pigs Fly", assume that it is not going to happen.  MN, KB, EP, BS

#216 Are Horses Predators or Prey?

Dear Wonderopolis, We read about horses and if they are predators or prey. We learned that they are mostly prey. They are mainly eaten by bears, mountain lions, and wolves. We liked how the article explained what animals were called by what they eat (omnivores, herbivores, carnivores etc). This connected to our science unit we are studying. This wonder was very exciting :)!  Sincerely,  MP, LS, LM, AC

#162 What is Pi?

Have you been wondering what Pi is?  Pi is a ratio of a circle circumference to its diameter. The exact number is 3.14159 and so on.  It is a never ending number. Some mathematicians have a theory that it is actually going to end.  In the last 100 recently found digits there has only been a single 1. They think that the 1 will disappear and over time the rest of the digits will disappear.  A special event in honor of Pi is March14 or also known as Pi day.  B,A,I,L

#821 What is a Metaphor?

We learned metaphor is something you can compares with like or as. The word metaphor comes from a Greek word meaning "to transfer". There is also a special/different metaphor called a simile. Metaphor's can be different in describing words.What we liked about the wonder is it explained very well what a metaphor is and we didn't really understand what a metaphor is. THANKS Wonderopolis!!  J,J,E,C

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  1. Another great idea, Maria. I loved the "When will pigs fly" one - and the heads up that they shared. Godd to know.