Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WWL7: Wondering Over Vacation

We begin our holiday vacation on Thursday, and this week I will remind my students that there will be another opportunity to earn a homework pass if they visit Wonderopolis over the holidays and leave a comment.  Several students chose to do this over Thanksgiving, and I was pleased with their comments. I even learned some new interesting fun facts about my students.

Luke learned about What is Medicine Made From? at the same time I learned he wants to be a writer some day.  I wonder why he never told me this at school?

Daniel learned about his favorite sport basketball and continued to wonder when he shared his favorite part in the What is a Slam Dunk Contest

Aarush learns about perspective as he considers himself as an artist.  He enjoys his art classes and learned some new ideas from Do You Have Perspective

Have you considered offering some WONDER homework for your holiday break. I am so excited when I check wonder comments and see my students' name-MC.  Enjoy your holiday vacation. I know I am excited to have our children home for an extended time so I will be in and out of the blogging world for the next few weeks.  

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