Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Dim Glimmering Light

Writing around our library.
Why do I totally get wiped out the first few weeks of school?  I knew the first few weeks wouldn't be perfect or even close, but I always hope as the excitement grows and all of my summer thinking finally can burst open.  I had to make a choice and again my OLW came tugging on me.

I am through my first few weeks, and I told my husband tonight I found a tunnel and I think there is a dim light glimmering.  The energy and excitement builds the first few weeks as much mine as my students. I still got nervous and even my butterflies have not disappeared.  As we started our third week today, I stopped and focused on several important events of our day:  weekend share, discussing the predictions from the OSU game, helping a few students learn that a score of 94-11 probably wasn't going to happen.  Staying true to  our reading and writing workshop.  Asking my students about how they felt about reading and reversing the questions with their writing.  Realizing that 18/22 of my students are hesitant writers and when I asked why? They were open and shared that they don't have any ideas, they always worry about spelling and finally they just don't choose to write.  

Honest conversations from the first few weeks will guide my practice. And I promised them that I would be their advisor, coach, and cheerleader as we begin our writing journeys together this year.  I shared my own writer's notebook - you could have heard a pen drop.  Asking me, "Will you write with us?"  I replied, "Yes right along with you." We're all nervous writers but together we will all be stronger writers. The day ended with a dim light getting a little brighter.


  1. Developing honest conversations about writing or even if they actually read the night before, all lead to us knowing our kids better...writing habits and reading habits need attention too even though they are not an anchor standard :) Your students will flourish knowing that where they are and who they are is just fine! Oh the places we can go!

  2. We just began this week, maria...so I totally get what you are feeling. There is the excitement of the new year - and then there is coming to terms with our task. It definitely takes time for a rhythm to set in...and for the path ahead to become clearer. Glad that you see the light getting a bit brighter!

  3. Love it when the lights strengthen from dim to glow to blaze!