Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slice of Life: Tackling the Hard Stuff

Tackling the hard stuff is not easy. Tackling subjects that cause controversy is sometimes easier to walk away from than choosing to discuss it.  When we read the article in Scholastic News “Showdown in Selma” I wasn’t expecting what happened in our classroom. Room 234 didn’t have any background knowledge of this historic event. As we read the article, questions resounded inquiring why?  My students wanted to understand but didn’t have any information to help them understand what had happened 50 years ago. 

I’m so happy that I didn’t realize the path we would be traveling down that day because I walked the journey along with them. Other plans were pushed aside, and we spent the day discussing Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks. We read several articles and making connections and most of all building background knowledge about the importance of these historic events. For read aloud: Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down a book that I have read every year, but this year it became integral in our learning community. 

As I think about the lessons learned that never made my plan book and most importantly the life lessons that I never saw coming, I am thankful for my students allowing me the opportunity to help them learn about Selma. Thanks to The Two Writing Teachers who encourage our slicing community to continue writing especially in March.  Here is the link up for this week. 

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