Monday, July 13, 2015

Digital Reading Chapters 3 - 5

Big Ideas from Chapter 3, 4 and 5
  • "Each day they used a new tool because it fit their need or purpose at that moment."p. 28
  • "They were using s particular piece of technology when it made sense for their learning." p. 28
  • "I use tools in ways that extend, expand, analyze and record my reading." p. 29
  • "Focusing on the learning rather than the tool created a more authentic workshop" p. 32
  • "Students need us to help them navigate the strategies and habits..." p. 47
  • "Sometimes the best strategy for a teacher is to simply get out of the way." p. 63

Knock me over as I read Ann Marie's tips....the idea of integrating tech tips into your weekly schedule.  I have read about this concept in different formats and still don't find time in our classroom schedule.  Last year, I did a much better job of building a Digital Menu.  Introducing our class to a new tool allowing time for exploration and practice then allowing choice in the lesson.  It was 50/50 some students went back to their favorite (Keynote, Explain Everything, Comic Life) others would try the new tool.  This year I plan to do a combination of new digital tools and allow the students to choose which one they are an expert in and letting them teach it to their peers.  Less reliance on me and more ownership on them.  

Finally I really enjoyed reading the Voices from the Classroom.  My biggest learning typically comes from hands and eyes on in the classroom. In all these sections, I learned a new strategy or how to modify ones that I am currently using.  It was fun to learn about a few new websites.  I am also thankful for the opportunity to write a section for a voice in the classroom and sharing my experiences with Wonderopolis.  Reflecting on my own practices helped me think deeper and becoming published in a book is now off my bucket list.  Thanks Franki for inviting me to write a small part in your book. 


  1. Well, I feel like a kid in a candy store in awe of the possibilities! I LOVED your piece in the book and did not realize you were part of the #cyberPD group. You inspired me to start using the site with my own children to spice up summer reading and I can already see the benefits. Thank you for your part in the book and your part in the group!


    1. Well then we are both happy! Thanks for your comment it's always fun when blogs help families connect. I'm sure your children will love wondering with you!!

  2. I liked the idea of tech tips too, makes a way to help kids who are a little wary of new things look again, especially when they see classmates talking about this "new" thing. These chapters are full of good things, not least of which was your work with Wonderopolis. Thanks for that, too, Maria.

  3. Thanks Linda it was fun writing for the book. It's always fun to try the "new" thing.

  4. I LOVED all the different voices (yours!!) and perspectives in these three chapters. Definitely made for a richer read.

    1. Thanks friend. I always enjoy getting a glimmer into other classrooms. It was fun to learn along with everyone.

  5. Maria,
    I think you're right; the more we can find ways to just make digital literacy a part of our day the more likely it is to happen (i.e. Ann Marie's tech tips in morning meeting). Like you I enjoyed the vignettes of classroom practice. I always like the opportunity to hear and see the way other educators are growing literacy learners.