Monday, July 6, 2015

Digital Reading: Chapters 1 & 2

How I read professional books has changed over the years.  I am curious about the author’s word choice so I find myself collecting vocabulary words and writing them in the margins.  In Chapter 1 & 2 I noticed:
·      Motivation
·      Intention
·      Flexible
·      Superficial
·      Rigorous
·      Interact
·      Ownership

In both chapters: Defining Digital Literacy and From Reading Workshop to Digital Reading Workshop, the first step is determining the intention of the lesson and increasing the motivation for all students. Motivation is varied among students: digitally it could include the flexibility of: BYOB device, class devices, Kindles as well as blogging, websites, and digital magazines. As the teacher I always take ownership of knowing my students as readers and writers through conferences. My goal is that the mini lessons will increase the rigor at the same time “being aware that some students may interact at a superficial level.” This was a key point for me as I read about Marissa. I reflected on this year’s class and know that I had a few Marissa’s.  How did I help them achieve ownership of their reading?  I was still giving them 2-3 book choices in March when they couldn’t find a JR book.

It is always gratifying to me when I read a professional book and in my head I can say “Yes I am doing that" or “Hooray I’ve tried those websites>" Sometimes in education we need to be our own cheerleaders.  As I finished, chapter 2, I started to think about the statement that was posed: What is my vision for my digital workshop for the 2015-16 school year.  I am constantly thinking about how to make it stronger and I’m sure as I continue to read the rest of the book I will continue to lift the best ideas out of Digital Reading:  What’s Essential in Grades 3-8 in addition to reading the blog posts.

I am excited to learn along with you, and I'm thankful to Cathy, Laura and Michelle for hosting #cyberPD.  Here is the link up for this week.



  1. I like seeing your connection to Falling In Love With Close Reading -- reading with the lens of word choice!

    I am just starting the book today. Anxious to dig in. Hopeful that I can give myself a few cheers and high-fives as well as learning lots.

  2. Maria,

    I love the intentionality of reading closely and selecting important words! I have to agree that we all have a Marissa (or two or three or many!) that we need to push from a superficial level to a deeper understanding and ownership. The digital learning adds another layer to our reading workshop. I guess that's why they still need us working hard in the classroom! :)

    I think holding onto what your vision of your digital workshop is important -- and everything will be held up to what is your standard and expectation ... and not the superfluous!

    Thanks for sharing your WORDS and thoughts!

  3. I like that you wrote about being our own cheerleaders, Maria. It connects well with the importance of consistent reflection, I think. It's a priority to be examining our practices and looking carefully at our students, who may be similar to Marissa, for example. Then, if we do, we can be our own cheerleaders. It would be nice to have a like-minded colleague, too!

  4. I realized that I had a few Marissas in my class too and like you, thought about what I could have done to move them further along. It was great that you also were able to reflect on which of your practices you were feeling good about- validation is important for everyone.

  5. Maria,
    I found it interesting the way you highlighted a few words in your response and then included them in your reflection. It really brought attention to the power of each of the words you chose as you were reading. All 7 speak loudly to the work in a digital workshop.

    Thank you for sharing the question as you frame your thinking for the next chapters, "What is my vision for my digital workshop for the 2015-16 school year." I think I will consider this as well as I continue to read the book.

    Looking forward to learning with you again. I always value all you share in our conversations.