Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why I Blog.

Why blog?  I've been asking this question frequently in my mind and even asked a few close friends. The answer has been blurry for me and lately I have had more reasons why not vs. why to continue to write.  I've been struggling last school year and even more this summer.  I've been thinking about it all the time: lying in the hammock, morning walks, gardening, and sitting in the rocking chair. I've been searching for answers.  Here is what I've figured out about blogging.

  • Blogging isn't necessarily about what ends up in the blog.  I compose posts all the time in my mind actually this is probably the number one reason I have a blog. I'm always thinking about what to share or what not to share.  How to say this but not say that?  The process is huge for me.
  • Blogging is my lifeline for my PLN.  I wouldn't be where I am today as an educator with out my extended learning including my NCFL family and support of twitter friends. There are numerous times when I was at the end of the rope and a comment, tweet or text pulled my through.  I wonder how someone in another state can know me better than my colleagues I work with everyday.
  • Blogging is my connection with reality. My reality of putting pencil to paper in my notebook or typing on Google docs. The reality of asking my students to write and seeing that look on their face of horror and being able to say I know how you feel because I felt the exact same way.  Then open up my writer's notebook and share my story with them.
  • Blogging pushes me in a direction that I am unsure but somehow want to end of there. Well doesn't that sound like life...pushing forward and not sure of the path your'e on.  
I'm not going to promise that I am back to full throttle, but I know that I need to continue to blog because the thinking in my head, the writing on paper and the commorodity with my PLN is something that I cherish.  Here's to another school year - welcome back to those who already started as well those of you who are still basking in the summer glow. 

Found this gem on our sailing trip this summer.


  1. Sometimes continuing is harder than starting to blog was. I have discussed this question with many friends lately. Why do we continue to blog? Is it worth it? I loved your point that blogging isn't necessarily what's on the page. It does make us think through ideas and see things from other perspectives - whether we blog about it or not.

    For me, I blog to push myself to make sense of the work I do with students. Sometimes I need to clarify the why or articulate the change. More than once I have returned to a post for clarity or just a gentle reminder. Blogging holds me accountable in a way my notebook never could.

    I appreciate the way you share and participate. I'm glad to know your voice is out in the world and that even though I am not across the hall I can still learn from you.


    1. Thanks Cathy for your comment. Your line "Blogging holds me accountable in a way my notebook never could." touched me because I didn't consider when I go back to read a past post how it helps me remember. i appreciate our learning together.

  2. I am so grateful for this post. I feel just the same way. I wish i knew how to blog without feeling the pressure of blogging, but I guess it comes with the territory of sharing oneself. Thank you for this post.

    1. Thanks Kimberley for sharing your thoughts. You're correct it comes along with the territory. But getting comments and feedback from colleagues is as important as the process of writing.