Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#OLW16 Quest and Saying Hello

Today is a combo post. I'm reflecting on the importance of taking the time to say hello and my end of month reflection on my #OLW16: quest. 

Monday was my first day back from Spring Break. My husband and I took a seven day cruise. Even with being empty nesters our lives are filled with jobs and daily projects which in the spring on the farm are adding up quickly.  The biggest decision would be which deck chair to choose in the "Serenity" over 21 area which was in the front of the ship.  I always wanted the front row (that's the teacher in me) so we could look out over the tranquil blueness of the ocean.  I have to admit I'm a people watcher and enjoy conversations especially on a cruise.  The first piece of advice from our Cruise Director Adam was to say, "Hello" because everyone has time to talk.  The stories we listened to the past week were touching, funny, and a little out of my comfort zone. 

Life is so different when I allow myself the chance to slow down and say,"Hello." We met a 73 year old gentleman who was born in France and lived there most of his life.  Moved to Canada to get duel citizenship and while on vacation in Amber Cove, Dominican  Republic he decided at age 48 that he was going to move there because of the blue skies, water and of course the warmer temperature.  He opened his own business which is a tourist company that has zip lines and helicopter rides.  He's brilliant and still flies his own plane and helicopter.  In addition, he also owns thoroughbred race horses.  Sitting on the bench, visiting with him was a quest.  A chance to remember the importance of saying, "Hello" and sharing a story.  I appreciate the kindness of his voice, and I am thankful to be reminded every quest continues to lead me to my story. 

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