Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Word Work: Transfer

This past Saturday I had the chance to listen to Chris Lehman speak about Close Reading.  I’ve heard him speak several times before and each time I am able to absorb a little more.  I’ve been thinking intensely about word work in my classroom. I was reminded, “Close Reading happens when we pause at a part in a story/article and reread." For me that often occurs with vocabulary.  Chris reminds us when we go back to reread there are three areas to consider: 
TE (text evidence) WC (word choice) and S (structure). 

As I thought about this slide and Word Choice (WC) I like how it is circular.  Many times in word work I believe, myself included, we see skills in isolation.  I always want to connect word work with writing for that implementation piece; however do I build enough time in for that practice?  Probably not if I am honest with myself. I encourage the transition from word study to writing but I struggle because I don't want to force it.  "You must use 8 words today from word work in your writer's notebook." because that is not writers do.  Writers collect words, learn words and apply them.  I'm pretty sure most of my students aren't transferring their words, and now I'm reflecting on that transfer - the authentic piece of connection.  

There is a small group of teachers reading Choice Words by Peter Johnston. I've read this book several times, but each time I read it I learn something new or think differently. Perhaps all of this word work thinking will all fall neatly into place soon or maybe not?  Next week is Spring Break and time to recharge. I'll be back posting in two weeks.  Happy Spring Break friends and as always thanks for reading. 

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