Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dynamic Teaching #cyberPD

Here's what I appreciate about #cyberPD the month of July allows me to be integrated with an amazing group of educators learning along with them and having conversations to help me grow as a teacher. Thank you to Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero for hosting this summer.

Final Encouragement Nuggets
I love to read and a constant goal is that every child will have a book in their hands that they want to read in the first month of school. Learning about my students’ families, hobbies and favorite genres are the conversations that you would hear if you were a fly on the wall. I loved how Vicki mentions several strong pieces of literature in her book.  Most of the titles I knew and others that I will know soon when I check them out of the library.  I am still learning how to merge my time better in our literacy workshop. Looking at books as a reader and the craft of writing has really shifted my mini-lessons.  

Finally as I read the book in pieces and jumped around, I felt like my thinking did the same thing.  I found myself distracted and reflecting on what would this  new concept look like in my classroom? I typically write all over my professional books and sticky note the big take aways but in this book I did a lot more thinking in my head visualizing what could be?  It was a great opportunity for me to have as I know I will have readers this year who will have similar experience. They don't want to take notes or use stickies, and I will be able to connect with them. One of my favorite quotes that I will reference often this school year.  "Finally, if we're serious about helping students become independent readers who seek to understand their own agency, we have to be willing to release the responsibility to them before we're absolutely sure they can do it on their own." p. 159 



  1. Oh, that last quote you stated. Yep, that's what this is all about. And my thinking jumped all over the place too! Vicki would seem to make sense to me and then I wasn't so sure ... this will be a book that I need to reread to help me deeply process! I'm on board, but still foggy on implementation! Thanks for joining in again this summer and sharing your thoughts!!!

  2. Like you and Michelle, I will need to re visit Vicki's book many times - but that's good teaching isn't it? We are constantly learning and challenging each other to be better, to DO better for our kids!

  3. Vicki offers us so much to consider. This book will be at my side throughout the year. Hoping we will continue the conversations as the year progresses.