Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bump in the Road

I knew it would happen at some point with technology. Honestly I would have thought it would have happened sooner than now. We have completed our Story Kit stories and the students are ready to submit them through email however, that is the problem.  Email is very difficult in my perspective with student iPods. I want them to be able to email me their projects, but I don't want them to be able to receive emails from anyone but me.  After much conversation and lots of support from Mark we thought we had it figured out.  The students tried to submit their final story this past Thursday and the email system did not work at my school.  The crazy thing is that the email addresses worked in other buildings in my district as well from Central Office.  How many times has that happened to you with technology?  Ask my friend, Bill at Literate Lives about our crazy technology glitches. The difference now is that I value the iPods as an integral part of our instruction in the classroom, the students ability to create a story on the iPod as well as the opportunity to use a new app.  I am frustrated but not ready to give up which is what I would have done five years ago. A HUGE thanks goes out to Mark and Mike for their help on this glitch! I know this glitch will get figured out for our class, so I can post their wonderful stories in a future blog.


  1. Loved the "Bump in the Road" I know exactly what you mean. There is this guy I help with his financial stuff occasionally and you wouldn't believe the "bumps" we have had. Keep your chin up, my friend. This may be the first bump but it certainly won't be the last.
    Kathy B.

  2. Emailing out is frustrating. Have you thought about putting in a generic email for each device?

    Perhaps you could do: "ipodtouch1@district.org

    Just don't distribute those emails to anyone.

    Our student's have email accounts that we configured to work with Google and Gaggle.net. They are filtered emails.

    Finally, we would love to talk to you more about how things are going. Perhaps we can get you to cross-post at IEAR.org, be on our podcast, etc. We are looking for student's to do app reviews as well.

    Scott Meech - scott@iear.org

  3. Kathy: Thanks for your encouragement and positive comments-you make me smile!

    Steve: Thanks for your comment I think we figured our email glitch out today check back next week. Also I'm
    trying to work on cross-post I have to admit I am not sure how to do that but will try and learn. It sounds very interesting. Thanks again!